Egyptian Minor League “Internet Celebrities” You Should Keep an Eye On in 2023

Egyptian Minor League "Internet Celebrities" You Should Keep an Eye On in 2023

I know what you’re thinking “Who talks about Internet Celebrities?” Well, if you saw the title of this article, well, we’re not talking about celebrities … Imagine if we write about Ahmed and Zeinap on C-Town Chatter. This will be the day that all content has run out from the world … let this be the universe. It’s not trash talk, but come on!

Back to the point at hand, the ones we are going to highlight in this article are Egyptian people that we feel create content that has a purpose. They either offer a service, they make us laugh, or Artists (of any kind). In simple words; we believe that these internet celebrities will make a huge wave very soon!

Muhammed Kue

This dude is not just funny, but he is cracking! What I do whenever he releases a new episode is that I put my baby to sleep, order food, and watch him with my wife. We simply adore him. Mostly. what he does is react to videos that were sent to him by his fans on social media. He also does a series called “Bema Yordi Ellah” where get gets to review restaurants and trust me when I say most of the time he doesn’t like what he eats. He has his own gaming channel called Q Gaming.

Here’s his latest video: 

Yasmine Genedy

Or better known as The Pharoah in Stilettos, is an Egyptian fashion icon. We just love how her Instagram account is full of life. Oh, did we mention that she is married and a mom! Internet Celebrities can sometimes make you lose your mind but Yeah, she seems like she has it all. From time to time she gets inspirational quotes that have to do with life, but mostly she allows her followers to get into a small part of her life. Trust me when I say that the phrase “This outfit doesn’t work” will be debunked after you check out her profile. She would actually rock it like the queen that she is! Well, no she’s still a princess, 100k followers ma you queen, keep it up, Yasmine! Look it rhymes!

Hossam El-Morally 

We already wrote about Hossam on C-Town Chatter, but it would just not feel right not to put him in here listicle. Hossam is a certified Nutritionist and Health Coach. He’s really special when it comes to his work, it’s not like all the other nutritionists. His ideas are always fresh out of the oven (no pun intended) with his recipe book that all your favorite food but with the no how to cook it almost calorie less. Click here if you want to know more about his services. One of the Internet Celebrities indeed.

My Egypt 

This one is not a person but just an account called My Egypt. What this page managed to do is make me fall in love with Egypt a whole lot more. They share all the mystical corners of Egypt. They are a positive page and I know that if I haven’t been to Egypt, just from their posts, the next day I’ll be “Adios Habibi”.

Pola Salem

Feeling down? Feeling like you need some brightness in your life? Well, search no more … because it seems like we landed on gold with this one. Pola Salem is by far, in our books, the happiest man alive (on Instagram that is). He’s a travel and lifestyle blogger and above all he’s a daddy to a little princess. Half Greek half Egyptian (perfect mix). His Instagram feed is just so happy, and filled with colors, He actually gives great tips and tricks when you’re on the road or traveling somewhere exotic. Rock on dude, we love the *Flowers* out of you!

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