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C-Town Chatter Magazine has recently transformed itself into one of the leading multimedia production agencies in the Middle East. We’ve realized that if we are that good at content creation, why not share the wealth? So, we decided to! With our in-house top-notch equipment, a full-fledged studio for photoshoots and video shoots, and our podcast and live shows, there is no single request a client could have that we won’t be able to cover.

We don’t consider ourselves only to be news reporters, aggregators, or even content creators. C-Town Chatter isn’t only about that, it’s about creating a community composed of the elites of the region, where we address topics to evolve our minds to create a better future for ourselves and the generations that follow.

But don’t get us wrong; We’re still the leading lifestyle magazine. We still like to do reviews, report news, create content, and talk about startups, real estate, corporate news, and hotel reviews. We’re still foodies to the core and the best events story “coverage-ers” in the region. We are the way we were; only edgier, sassier, stronger, and with full-time reporters/content creators around the MENA Region. We still support local products through our campaign #ChatterersGoingLocal. So if you own your own business, just holler, for a 60% discount out rate card.

We’ve always been an official media sponsor for Spotify in the Middle East, but as ambitious as we are, we are looking to be the media sponsor of most, if not all, the national and multinational, corporations in the Middle East.


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It’s that hub that gives you the chance to talk about whatever you want for how long you want. We pride ourselves on being one of the few in the Middle East that managed to create different videos/podcasts that have been downloaded more than 400K times with 25k listeners on a daily basis!

You can listen to our podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Podcasts, or from wherever you get your podcast.

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We all hate newsletters more than the guy next in line, but we totally understand that it is extremely important. So, we decided that instead of sending you an email that’s mundane, we took a step further and created for you guys an E-MAGAZINE! Yep, a magazine that has images that complements the news. Trust us when we say that IT’S A MASTERPIECE with more than 35K subscribers from all over the MENA region.

We made sure that the E-Magazine is interactive with clickable links so that you’d be able to get more information on the subjects mentioned in the newsletter.

Oh, did we mention that we randomly choose “Local Brand of the Month” … The brand gets a full page in the newsletter with a full-fledged review of its products/services FOR FREE!

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